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47 - Rob Duguay  

This week on the last episode of season 2 of the Everyday Musician Podcast, I invite New York-based jazz musician Rob Duguay who is the co-founder and president of a non profit organization called Jazz Generation. Their mission is to help inspire the next wave of jazz musicians and to provide paid performance opportunities to jazz professionals nationwide. Jazz Generation just announced their COVID-19 Musicians Relief Fund. You can learn more about the organization by heading to their website. Jazz Generation

Black Lives Matter  

We're proud that we have been able to talk to black musicians, and share their amazing stories on the Everyday Musician Podcast. On the podcast this week, we invite you to take a moment to listen to our previous episodes the feature black artists.

Some of these artists include: Dj Spooky Ep. 42, Jonathan Heyward Ep. 39, Cailin Marcel Manson Ep. 36, Jordyn Davis (Composetheway) Ep. 35, Kedrick Armstrong Ep. 22, Nathaniel Taylor Ep. 21, Matt Hughes Ep. 16. 

39 - Jonathon Heyward  

My guest this week on the Everyday Musician Podcast is Jonathon Heyward. Maestro Heyward is becoming an international presence on the world stage as a conductor having recently conducted the LA Phil and the Seattle Symphony. He has received degrees from the Boston Conservatory, the Royal Academy of Music, and was an LA Phil Conducting Fellow under Gustavo Dudamel. He has been appointed the Chief Conductor for the Nordwestdeutsche Philharmonie starting in January 2021. This episode was brought to you by Violin Podcast, serving violinists worldwide with deals, articles, and interviews.

38 - Cheng Zhi  

This episode is brought to you by my new podcast, Violin Podcast, serving violinists worldwide. You can check out sheet music deals, blogs, and interviews at 

This week on the Everyday Musician Podcast, Boston-based musician and educator, Cheng Zhi comes on the podcast to discuss his recent fundraiser concert for the people of Wuhan, China who are battling the COVID19 outbreak. Leave your comments and let us know what you think! Like and Subscribe to the podcast.

37 - Ed Wharton  

This week's episode is brought to you by my new podcast,, serving violinists worldwide with violin deals, blogs, and interviews. 

My guest this week is Oakland based violist, Ed Wharton. We talk about his time as a violist, pursuing something that makes you happy, and the impact the coronavirus has had on the classical music economy. 

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36 - Cailin Marcel Manson  

This week's guest on the Everyday Musician Podcast is Cailin Marcel Manson, a baritone and conductor from Philadelphia, and is currently the director of Choral Activities and Music Performance at Clark University. He is also the artistic director and conductor of the Germantown Concert Chorus, music director of the Bennington County Choral Society, and music director of the Keene Chorale. You can learn more about Cailin on his website at 

35 - Jordyn Davis  

This episode is brought to you by my new project with Boston-based composer Joshua Jandreau. Please consider donating to our project for Mental Health Awareness Month that occurs in May 2020. Click here to learn more about our project and to donate. 

My guest today is Michigan-based composer and bassist Jordyn Davis. Jordyn is the first African-American woman to get a Bachelor's Degree in composition at Michigan State University. She is also the founder of Composetheway, a singer songwriting project used as a way to express her love for music and to connect with others. You can learn more about Jordyn on social media with her handle @composetheway

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34 - Daniel Hoppe  

This episode is sponsored by my new podcast,! where we interview violinists from around the world, andfind the best deals on violin accessories, sheet music with our blog. 

This week's guest is Daniel Hoppe, a Suzuki cello teacher and performer in Chicago, IL. Dr. Hoppe received degrees from Carleton College, The Boston Conservatory, and the University of Kentucky. He has also been a featured artist in music festivals around the world. These include Festival de Paques, Astona International, the Manchester Chamber Music Festival, the Brevard Music Festival, the Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival, and the Foulger International Music Festival. Currently he performs with the Glen Piano Trio and the Tawa String Quartet which can be heard in concerts throughout the Chicago area. You can learn more about Dr. Hoppe at