To The Gig - Episode 1 - Wedding Edition

To The Gig is a special mini-series where you get to join Eric Mrugala on his gig adventures. This week, Eric Mrugala does a wedding gig in Massachusetts with a few of his buddies.

Eric Mrugala is from Chicago, IL…

High Fidelity Audio Mode - Zoom Update 5.2.2


Today is an exciting day!

I just discovered that Zoom just came out with an update that now includes what's called High Fidelity Audio Mode in the new update of the zoom software. 


This was the moment we've…

How To Get Rid Of Shaky Violin Bow

When starting out on the violin, beginners may experience what I like to call, "shaky bow syndrome'. It happens to the best of us. I see this happen in beginner students and wanted to create a video that explains why…

Is It Safe to Fly During COVID-19?


In today's vlog post, I hop on an airplane for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started in the United States. The main questions I asked where:

  • Do I feel safe in the airport?
  • Do I feel safe on…

How To Clean Your Violin [EASY] - Violin Tutorial

In this video I go step by step on how to clean your violin as easy as 1-2-3. To clean your violin, you need to have a couple tools prepared before you get started. In this video I also talk…