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32 - Harp with Grace Cross  

Make sure to like the Everyday Musician Podcast on Facebook and Instagram! Today's episode of the Everyday Musician Podcast brings you Grace Cross, an interdisciplinary harpist whose interests include teaching musicians about performance anxiety, and performing works by living composer. We're lucky to have Grace share her thoughts about the harp community and her thoughts on teaching harp. You can learn more about Grace at www.harpistgracecross.com. Please like and subscribe to the Everyday Musician Podcast on Apple Podcasts, and other podcast platforms. 

31 - Metal Music with Chris Kaminski  

Chris Kaminski, clarinetist, and heavy metal opera composer is on the Everyday Musician Podcast. This week, we talk about his process of writing opera and our collaboration last summer in his piece, "Who I Was, And Who I Am Now". You can listen to the piano quintet here.  Learn more about Chris at www.waterelephantmusic.com. Please like the podcast on Instagram and Facebook

30 - Composer and Performer Bond with Joseph Foster Harkins  

Welcome to this week's episode of the Everyday Musician Podcast! We made it to the big 3-0! This week I talk to composer Joseph Foster Harkins on his compositional style, the relationship between composer and performer, and how he tries to write music that's accessible to everyone. We also talk about how quality is more important than quantity as if we were eating a kale salad instead of a bag of potato chips! Learn more about Joseph on his website at www.josephfosterharkins.com. Episode 30 is brought to you by HotelTonight. Use my promo code emrugala to get $25 off your first purchase through that app of $75 or more. Like the podcast on Instagram and Facebook

29 - Composing Operas with Evan Snyder  

Welcome back to this week's episode of the Everyday Musician Podcast! My guest is opera composer Evan Snyder based out of Michigan. We talk about the process of writing an opera and some of the challenges of producing an opera. We get to learn more about his upcoming opera, The Clef of the Universe and his inspiration behind this one act drama. You can learn more about what Evan is doing on his website, www.evanlsnyder.com . Also follow the Everyday Musician Podcast on Facebook and Instagram. 

28 - Blending Styles with Sepehr Pirasteh  

I'm VERY excited to be interviewing Iranian composer and conductor, Sepehr Pirasteh. We talk about how he composes music and the importance of learning how to conduct your own music. You can learn more about Sepehr Pirasteh at https://sepehrpirasteh.com  and follow him on instagram at @sepehr.pi. Today's podcast is brought to you by, HotelTonight. Use my code emrugala when you download in the App Store, or the Google Play Store

27 - Balance Between Composition and Arts Administration with Megan Anderson  

This week on the Everyday Musician Podcast, I invite Megan Anderson to discuss some topics related to arts administration and composition. We also discuss her new arts administration job as well as finding a balance between composition and her arts job. Learn more about Megan by visiting her website at www.meganandersoncomposer.com  Today's episode is brought to you by HotelTonight. Receive a $25 credit when you use promo code emrugala towards your first booking on the app. 


26 - For The Love Of Music with Cody Hiller   

Aaaaand we are back! Thanks for joining us on the Everyday Musician Podcast Season 2! On the first episode of the season, I interview New York based violinist Cody Hiller. We talk about the life of a violinist in the 21st century and how collaboration with living composers can make for a great concert experience. Learn more about Cody by visiting his website at www.codyhillerviolinist.com and on Facebook. Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode of the Everyday Musician Podcast! If you want to listen to more episodes, hit the subscribe button, and visit www.ericmrugala.com/podcast

23 - The Orchestral Route with Ryan Toher  

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This week on the podcast I have clarinetist, Ryan Toher. The Chicago-land native has earned music performance degrees from Oberlin Conservatory, and University of Southern California. We talk to him about landing the dream job and what his thoughts are on classical music today.