Everyday Musician Podcast

49 - Angela DiBartolomeo 

In this week's episode of the Everyday Musician Podcast, I invite New England-based french horn player, Angela DiBartolomeo. We get to talk about her experience in performance, pedagogy, and arts administration. We also talk about how she's adapting as a musician in COVID-19 times. You can learn more about Angela by visiting her website at https://www.angeladibartolomeo.com/ . 

47 - Rob Duguay 

This week on the last episode of season 2 of the Everyday Musician Podcast, I invite New York-based jazz musician Rob Duguay who is the co-founder and president of a non profit organization called Jazz Generation. Their mission is to help inspire the next wave of jazz musicians and to provide paid performance opportunities to jazz professionals nationwide. Jazz Generation just announced their COVID-19 Musicians Relief Fund. You can learn more about the organization by heading to their website. Jazz Generation

Black Lives Matter 

We're proud that we have been able to talk to black musicians, and share their amazing stories on the Everyday Musician Podcast. On the podcast this week, we invite you to take a moment to listen to our previous episodes the feature black artists.

Some of these artists include: Dj Spooky Ep. 42, Jonathan Heyward Ep. 39, Cailin Marcel Manson Ep. 36, Jordyn Davis (Composetheway) Ep. 35, Kedrick Armstrong Ep. 22, Nathaniel Taylor Ep. 21, Matt Hughes Ep. 16. 

46 - Eduardo Ortiz 

This week on the Everyday Musician Podcast, I have friend and colleague Eduardo Ortiz, a Connecticut-based musician and tenor. He is the music director at Faith United Church in Springfield and we talk about Opera, Opera, and more Opera. 

45 - Gwendolyn Matias-Ryan 

Happy Memorial Day! Gwendolyn Matias-Ryan is a violist from Oaxaca, Mexico, and has it the Artistic Director of the Sa'Oaxaca Strings International Music Festival, a tuittion free music festival offered to students interested in private lessons, chamber music, and workshops. You can learn more about the festival by visiting https://en.saoaxaca.com/. 

44 - Matthew Lowy 

Matthew Lowy is a New York based pianist, composer, arranger, and orchestrator. He has toured nationally and internationally as a pit musician for musicals and has been a music director for several others. You can learn more about Matthew Lowy at https://www.matthewlowy.com. 

43 - Nico Ordonez 

Nico Ordonez is a violinist, violist, and arranger from Spain. We talk about his project, the Jazz Vault, where he collects rare Jazz violin records in hopes of making a catalog out of them. Follow Nico on Instagram at @nicordonez

42 - Dj Spooky 

Paul Smith aka Dj Spooky comes on to the Everyday Musician Podcast with Eric Mrugala this week. Dj Spooky is a composer, multimedia artist, and author of Rhythm Science, published by MIT Press in 2004, Sound Unbound, an anthology about digital music and media, The Book of Ice, a visual and acoustic portrait of the Antarctic, and the Imaginary App, on how apps change the world. You can learn more about Dj Spooky by visiting https://www.djspooky.com.