Virtue in the Artist

Thought of the Day

When people say that a piece of music is virtuosic, or a player demonstrates virtuosity, what does that really mean? What does it mean to be virtuosic?

Virtuosity comes from the French, Virtuand is defined as the the behavior of showing high moral standards. Being virtuosic doesn't just mean that one needs to be technically brilliant at their instrument. Yes, being an exceptional player helps, but it isn't enough in today's music economy. It's 50% of the job. Playing well is just one of the basic ingredients that contributes to your success. It's the ability to show one's own ethics on stage that turns a musician into an artist. It's the way you interact with your audience and transcend our music. 

Whether you're in this industry or not, every time you go out there, we should present ourselves in the best way we can; with or without our instrument. You never know who's watching that has the connection and the power to change your career. 


"Works of Art make rules; rules do not make works of art" - Claude Debussy

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