The Secret To Your Music Success

Any professional musician knows that your online presence is crucial to connecting with your audience. 

But oftentimes you see a talented musician connecting and interacting online, but monetization isn't part of the equation until later on. 

To me, it's important to have musical goals, and financial goals when you pursue a music careers. This helps you be clear with your goals to turn your passion to a full blown career. 

It's not bad to have a dollar amount value to your music, your merchandise, your lesson fee, etc. The diversification of income helps keep your feet in many places. 

You can do all of these by using a music website hosting service called Bandzoogle, which is the service I'm using now to write this blog!

I like using Bandzoogle and partnered with them on my YouTube channel because you have more control of your career, brand, and monetization capabilities, especially for classical musicians. 

Sign up for a full year of Bandzoogle using my promo code ERICVIOLIN and get 15% off your first year!

Classical musicians, you have a voice and you can monetize it. Diversify yourself and provide value to your audience!

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