Taking a Breather

As you can see from my previous post, a lot of music came way recently. 

I'm  thankful that I'm a part of many great projects that include a lot of great music. But I really want to emphasize one thing that we forget about when we approach a busy performance and teaching schedule:


Recently in the past week I've been coming up with some pain in my right forearm. Most of it has to do with adjusting my technique to accommodate different styles, and long hours in rehearsals from quartets, to orchestra, and duo rehearsals. 

There comes a point where an instrumentalist needs to take a break. My body was telling me to slow down and regroup. Thankfully, the long weekend helps with that. If a player pushes through the pain, your odds of a severe injury increase. 

Though, it's not all about physical rest, it's also good to take a mental breather. 

Allowing your mind to rest will give you a moment to step back and approach your music with a fresh mind. 

We're humans, not robots. It's important to make sure that as musicians we make an effort to take care of ourselves so that way we can perform to the best of our ability for others. 

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