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What's In My Violin Bag?

What's in my violin bag?

In today's short video, I had some time in between students to do a quick video on what's in my violin bag! What kind of treasures do I have in there?


Why Practice With A Metronome?


There's been a lot of talk about using a metronome in this Facebook group called the violin and you'll have like 41,000 members. And there've been like over 140 comments on this one post. Should you be practicing with a…


Best Way To Get Violin Students

You're an aspiring violin teacher qho's wanting to grow your violin studio, get more students and retain students. I want to share with you one really excellent marketing strategy on how you can get…

How To Get More Violin Students! [3 TIPS + BONUS TIP]

How To Get Violin Students

If you're a violin teacher or private studio teacher, you're in the business of getting new students, especially violin students. Today, I want to share four tips on increasing your violin studio and getting more…