Practice DOES NOT Make Perfect

Practice DOES NOT Make Perfect

You're probably a musician or violinist coming across this article for the first time, or maybe you're a returning subscriber and you might've heard me say this maybe once or twice in my YouTube videos. 

Practice does not make perfect because there's no such thing as perfection. We're human and, you know, we are constantly making mistakes on our instrument.

Believe me, I'm making mistakes on my instrument all the time! Even professional violins disguise their mistakes here and there. But, they mistakes are at such a micro level that we don't even get to hear that onstage because we're just focused on the music.

So I want you to remember this in this very short YouTube video, practice does not make perfect.

Practice Makes Permanent! 

I can give you an example of the practice makes permanent model that I have with all my students. This past semester, I had a student who was working in Suzuki book one (this is for violin) and I was actually kind of struggling to teach the student because the student had a good attitude coming in to the lesson, but then the moment they started playing, they were not having a lot of success. But, because I teamed up with the mom and the entire family was behind this one student, he was able to really succeed! And the moment we were doing this online zoom recital that we just had just a couple of weeks ago, he played amazingly!

The recording with the pianist was phenomenal! I spoke to him afterwards and asked him, "I'm like, was that a lot of work?" He goes, "Yeah, that was a lot of work!"

One of the things that I want you to take from my students story is that he was practicing consistently every single day. It's the mentality and the dedication that you put into any kind of craft, not just music, but anything in life, and what it comes down to is the ability to practice and consistently practice so that this habit makes it a permanent endeavor for you every single day.

The moment you take your instrument out, you're constantly repeating the process and repeating a habit, a healthy habit of practicing your violin. And that's what I explained to my students. I have a lot of youngsters. I also have some advanced students and they understand the, the importance of consistency. Similarly to what I've been doing with this YouTube channel that I've been doing. 

I started about a year ago over a year ago, I started making YouTube channels. And because of that consistent upload schedule that I've had for the last year and like a month or so, I'm able to grow up to like over 700. You know, 30 subscribers, which is unheard of. It's so great! 

If you consistently practice, you do the right thing, you know exactly how to practice and you're doing all of these things on a daily basis. You are going to find success. Not just in violin playing. That's why I love playing the violin because w we're not just diving into music, we're diving into history. We're diving into. Developing good habits and maintaining these good habits to be better people.

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