"I'm a beginner violinist, should I use finger tapes?"

"I'm a beginner violinist, should I use finger tapes?"

This article was originally posted by ViolinPodcast.com by Eric Mrugala where he is a contributing editor. 

Finger tapes on the fingerboard can be extremely valuable when starting out on the violin 

As a teacher, I recommend putting finger tapes on the violin. Beginners might feel that they can go ahead and play Paganini Caprices right away (unfortunately this happened to one of my colleagues). When you’re starting out, it’s a good idea to put them even when you start your musical journey with Suzuki Book 1. 

I do this with all my students ages 4 and up. By putting finger tapes on the violin, you’re teaching your mind and body to accurately put fingers in the correct place. In addition, the motion of your left hand fingers approaching the fingerboard is equally as important as placing them on the fingerboard correctly. 

Another reason I suggest putting finger tapes on your instrument is because you’re training your ear to listen for the same pitch over and over again. I believe all students can achieve this with proper practice. 

Eventually you’ll get to a place where you’re confident in your ability to place the fingers down while playing the violin. Don’t feel discouraged when you feel like you’re not getting it right away. It takes practice and lots of repetition!


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