How I approach a busy Spring 2020

There was a time where I would be hunting for performance opportunities anywhere I could find them. This season I'm grateful that I'm a part of many wonderful projects. That being said, it can also feel overwhelming at times in addition to my teaching commitments. Below, I list somethings that help me get thorugh a busy performance season:


I find a lot of value in meditation. Meditation helps me relax and think about my music. As a matter of fact, I like to practice in my head while I meditate. I practice visualizing my performances in my head. It helps me stay on top of my music at a high level. 

Listening to other music

There are moments in the year where I'm excited about the music I'm playing and I'm totally invested in and performing it to the best of my ability. But there are also times where my brain needs a break from the music I'm around every day. I listen to other genres to take my mind off things or to find inspiration. 

Learning repertoire at a faster pace

In a busy season, the most obvious thing is to learn repertoire at a faster pace. using a metronome, practicing slowly, and getting enough rest so that my mind has room to process that information helps me stay on top repertoire for the season. 

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