Everything You Need To Know About Apple Music Classical - FULL BREAKDOWN


Apple Music Classical - Everything You Need To Know


Apple just announced that it will be releasing its brand new music app called Apple Music Classical. This isn't news to anyone and it has been rumored that the new music app will be available sometime in 2023. 

After its acquisition of Primephonic in 2021, Apple has been secretly working on this classical music app that will allow Apple Music subscribers to listen to Puccini's La Bohème all day long. 

If you're like me, a classical musician and consumer of classical music, this is an exciting announcement for a few key reasons:

  1. Implementing Apple's Spatial Audio and Dolby Atmos into Apple Music Classical will allow the listener to feel like they're in the seat of an actual concert hall
  2. High quality audio - Apple Music Classical will stream at 192khz/24 bit hi-res lossless audio
  3. Getting beginner classical music listeners an opportunity to learn more about the art form

Let's talk about the technical side of the equation,

Apple Spatial Audio & Dolby Atmos

I've been eagerly waiting for the announcement for this reason. After Apple introduced Spatial Audio, I've always felt that it could have an amazing potential in classical music. There is a nuiance to classical music that you don't get in other music genres. But, with the combination of Spatial Audio and it's next amazing feature, this will go in direction competition with Idagio Music

192khz/24 bit hi-res lossless audio

In my opinion, we have entered a new age in digital classical recordings with the likes of Apple Music Classical and Idagio. As an audiophile, it's always great to hear sound engineers be creative with how they place microphones in front of an orchestra. With modern tech evolving in the sound engineering space, it's clear that combining all the elements of Apple Spatial Audio, and hi-res lossless audio will make the experience of listening to tiniest details even more enjoyable. 

Call me crazy, but I want to hear the bits and crackles of rosin hitting the violin string and getting the precise sound of the orchestra. I get goosebumps just writing about it. 

And Lastly…

Classical Music for Beginners

There is no question that Apple has a major influence on tech around the world. With its massive fanbase with the iPhone and Mac, it gives the Apple lover another reason to love the brand even more. The accessibility to Apple Music Classical will be incredibly easy to listen to for  anyone with an Apple Music subscription. (At this time of writing, Apple Music Voice plans are not currrently compatible for Apple Music Classical. 

But most importanly, the conversation around the classical music community is reaching a wider audience for people to appreciate the art form and to buy a ticket to go see a classical music concert live. I think this will benefit the consumer, solo artists, and larger orchestra organizaitons to reach more people. 

What are some things you're looking forward to with the Apple Music Classical App?


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