Taking a Breather

As you can see from my previous post, a lot of music came way recently. 

I'm  thankful that I'm a part of many great projects that include a lot of great music. But I really want to emphasize one…

What's On My Music Stand?

My schedule is becoming super hectic these days, but I'm making the most of every piece of sheet music that comes my way. I'm playing a lot of Mozart and Brahms this Fall, super excited to be a part of…


Play As If It's The Last Time

As a musician, I realized early on that what I do is different.

I'm thankful to have traveled the world sharing music with people and share precious memories with people who hold dear to me. 

One memorable experience…


Don't Forget Your Career At Home

(2-3 min. read)

I'll never forget one of my very first recording sessions.

I sat next to the concertmaster of the session (who's now a colleague and friend) realizing that I left my pencil case at home. I…


Standing Out In A Crowded Performance Scene

(5-6 min. read)

There's a lot of noise out there and there are good players everywhere with opportunities out there for the taking. I'm here to tell you that there are ways to get even more interest towards your…


Sticking to a Practice Routine

(2-3 min. read)

Ahh...the leaves in New England are starting to change colors, and the air is getting crisp.

Fall is upon us!

Many of you will be going back to school with lots of ambition and…


Leadership & Teamwork in Music

Teamwork is a crucial part of your success in the music industry because you're in many settings where you'll have to collaborate with people.

Teamwork in music is like teamwork in basketball. In basketball, there are five people on…


Your Network Is Your Career

(7 min. read)

If you're still in school or just stepping into the real world, this article is for you. I hope that my experiences and observations will help you make the decisions that are right for you to…


What does it mean to be a musician today?

A lot of people go into the music industry anticipating that they're going to make it big.

They have a dream, and they're willing to risk it all to pursue that dream. But in reality, people only see around…


Performing Under Strange Conditions

Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to play for a Chinese American cultural exchange. My colleague who was flying out of the country couldn’t make the performance and was asked to sub for her. 

The gig…


Practice Efficiency

All of us live in a 24/7 society now. Sometimes it's difficult to find the time to sleep!

But despite the crazy schedule I have, I'm all about getting results in a timely manner. By creating an efficient practice regimen, I believe you can achieve your technique goals. 

What are the things you should consider for quicker results? Here's a quick list:


Working with Performance Anxiety

Have you ever felt that you couldn't play to your full potential during a performance?

You did a wrong bowing during an orchestra concert or you played a wrong note. Then you hit another wrong note. It throws you off. All these little mistakes slowly get into your head and when they add up, your brains shuts down on you. 

You know what I do when I perform my first mistake? I celebrate it!

"Wtf Eric, don't you want to play everything perfect?"

Of course I do. But that's not the point. I celebrate the first mistake because I got it out of the way! I can finally relax and focus on the music in front of me. I know for myself that I actually focus better after that mistake's been made. The moment you start fighting against your body's natural reaction is when you won't play your best. I've experienced that more than a handful of times and I'm sure I can speak for some of my colleagues out there. 

But,  there are times where are so many things happening in your life that the stress overwhelms you which can harm your performance. If you're one of those people, then this blog post is for you and to overcome performance anxiety.

Fight Or Flight Response