What kind of strings did Jascha Heifetz play on? - Tricolore Strings Unboxing

I Bought Strings Heifetz Used To Play On

A little while back on the YouTube channel, I said that I want to switch out my Dominant Pros. I actually went to the community board on my YouTube channel to say,

"Hey, I want to switch on my Dominant Pros, what string set should I get? What should be my next string set?"

I have delivered on the strings, and I'm so excited to be sharing these strings with you today. Because after the poll on the community board, 41% of you wanted me to surprise you. Well, I feel like I have done just that.

Now before we get into the string set that I bought, we need a little background on these strings. There really isn't an official strings review of this string set on YouTube and I figured, you know, I might as well be the first one or one of the first few if there is a string set review of these strings then i have not seen it. But I figured I'm goin to serve you guys and I want to try these strings for myself so that way you can make an opinion whether or not you want them or not.

I've been playing on synthetic core strings for pretty much a very, very long time. I have dipped my toes in the water for gut strings and a hybrid of gut and synthetic strings. I played on the Passione by Pirastro and the Passione Solos, and those were great. But the problem is is that they don't last very long. About a month long depending on how much playing you're doing. I usually navigate away from gut strings because gut strings tend to get out of tune really easily especially with the repertoire that I play, especially when I do recording sessions. As I was deciding my strings, I looked back to what the old timers used to play on. I started a Google search and started a YouTube search:

"What kind of strings did Jascha Heifetz play on?"

I present you the Tricolore strings. Almost the exact strings that that Heifetz used to play on. These strings are the exact strings that Jascha Heifetz used to play on in the 20th century. A man in Minnesota bought a machine that creates the exact specifications of the strings Heifetz used to love playing on, and the e string is the only thing that is a little different about this set.

The e string is complete steel, but the A, D, and G strings are completely gut. (CORRECTION, G string is Silver).

Just to give you some parameters that A string is at .78 millimeters, D string is 1.06 millimeters, and the G string is .80. I bought this set for $102.75, and that's with the shipping and that is also with the varnishing of the strings.

If you ever play on gut strings and if you tend to sweat a lot while you play, that'll actually ruin the string over time. So what this does with the varnishing of the strings is that the strings will not absorb the moisture when you're sweating while you're playing and will last longer over time.

Strings are competitively priced at $102.75 for the total package because the Dominant Pros cost $99 (that's without shipping and handling) and for a little more for $114 dollars you can get the Rondos. So this is competitively priced these strings.

I will post upcoming videos about the Tricolore strings in upcoming videos and blog posts!


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