Artists Are Society's Leaders

Musicians and artists are society's leaders because they're able to show what's going on in the world.  The events that we've been going through in recent months feels like we may be losing all hope around us. But, with the power of art and the power of community, artists have the ability show leadership.  We bring awareness to encourage people to think differently. We are the artistic expression to those who don't have a voice, sometimes we don't know how to put our emotions in words, but we can show people how we feel through music. 

So, why are artists leaders and what can we do to be leaders?

We start by engaging in our communities

In order to create change, starting small and engaging the arts in communities can create an amazing movement. This can be done in the classroom, in museums, libraries, hospitals, etc. Bringing the music to where people need it most is a way to contribute to your community with people.

Using music as a tool to heal

As you know, the recent terrorist attack in Manchester and in London recently are a series of horrific, and tragic events. Out of every pop star that I can think of, Ariana Grande knows the value of using music to heal. Her ability to reach out to the music world to perform a benefit concert for the victims of the terrorist attack shows the world that music brings people together to overcome fear and to heal.  An artistic voice helps the world become more united on issues that we're divided on. 

Lastly, we as artists must inspire those around us 

Leaders in every medium inspire others to bring value to the world. Whether it's in tech, health, or any industry for that matter. Leaders see a problem and they seek solutions that can help inspire others. Musicians do just that. 

With times like these, it's important now than ever to make sure artists' voices are heard. Play your instrument like it will be the last time you'll ever play. Lead your community with a big heart and an open mind. That's how we as artists lead and that's how we'll bring people together. 

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