Personal and Professional Goals 2020

Personal and Professional Goals 2020

It’s that time of year again where we’re all thinking about how to be better in the New Year. Looking back on 2019, I was able to accomplish most of my goals despite the obstacles…


Everyday Musician Podcast Season 2

Season 2 of the Everyday Musician Podcast premieres September 9th!! 

I’m looking forward to premiering the new season of the Everyday Musician Podcast! This season I’ll be speaking to composers and instrumentalists discussing various topics and I hope you can…


2019 Back-To-School Violin Tips

2019 Back-To-School Violin Tips

It’s officially September and Back-To-School season is underway. Every year I get excited for the potential that my students have when they play and perform their violins!

For parents reading this post, Back-To-School can be overwhelming…

Collaboration at Fresh Inc Festival Part 2

Thank you Karjaka Studios for capturing these amazing moments from a couple world premieres at Constellation Chicago.  









Pictured: Eric Mrugala, Kate Barmotina, Eunjin Lee, Alex Goodin, Herine Coetzee Koschak  








Pictured: Eric Mrugala, Charlene Kluegel 









Pictured: Eric Mrugala, Kate Barmotina, Eunjin…

Collaboration at Fresh Inc Festival

I'm happy to have been a part of Fresh Inc Festival where I got to work with living composers and meet new musicians from around the country. The festival took place at the University of Wisconsin - Parkside for two…


What Does It Mean To Be A Musical Entrepreneur?

What does this mean for classical musicians in 2018? We're experiencing a shift where musicians want to create and not be binded by the politics of an orchestra.  There are more talented and dedicated musicians out there than ever before…

Is Talent Enough?

Is Talent Enough?

"Eric, you're talented. But, talent is not enough"

Those words have defined who I am and how I wanted to be portrayed for the last 8 years.

Nowadays it's important to know that playing the violin very…


Happy Birthday Prokofiev

Sergey Prokofiev

Today is Sergey Prokofiev's Birthday, I'm glad that I'll be performing his first violin sonata in April. 

Rebranding the Podcast

Dear Friends, 

After considerable thought, I have decided to rebrand the ETV Podcast into the Everyday Musician Podcast. I've realized that the name can be confusing for people who don't know me but want to learn more about the everyday…


Personal and Professional Goals 2019

Violin Goals 2019

Happy New Year!

I'm glad to get back into the swing of things now that I'm fully rested and ready to go. I reflected on 2018 and am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that came…

Southwest Airlines Instrument Review 2019

Southwest Airlines Instrument Review - 2019

It seems like musicians are having airline troubles more and more these days. I'm on a mission to help people who are always on the move and flying with their instruments so…