How Long Do Thomastik Dynamo Strings Last?


Playing the Dynamo strings is kind of like eating at a Michelin star restaurant. You get the best ingredients, you have a full course meal with all the different flavors. It's a work of art on the plate.

I don't…

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Thomastik Infeld Dynamo Strings - Full Review


Dynamo Violin Strings Review

The newly announced Dynamo violin strings from Thomastik-Infeld are a new line of strings that offer a violinist musical and techinical capabilities that you don't see in other strings. 

For its price tag (as of this…

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Best Black Friday Deal for Musicians 2022

The Best Black Friday Deal For Musicians 2022

Black Friday is a great way to spend less on music necessities and also give an amazing gift to the musician in your life. 

I'm happy to partner with Tomplay on their…

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The Secret To Your Music Success

Any professional musician knows that your online presence is crucial to connecting with your audience. 

But oftentimes you see a talented musician connecting and interacting online, but monetization isn't part of the equation until later on. 

To me, it's important…

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3 Things I Want In The Apple Classical Music App

3 Things I Want in the Apple Classical App

Hey there, 

With the recent acquisition of Primephonic back in the Fall of 2021, we are starting to see glimpses of Apple making moves towards the release of its very own…

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iOS 16 + Classical Music App UPDATE

iOS 16 + Classical Music App UPDATE

Apple's 2022 WWDC event showed us some great updates in the upcoming iOS 16 update. 

However, what excites me most is that Apple is finally making plans from its purchase of Primephonic, the…

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Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein - REACTION

Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein

Netflix just released some photos of Bradley Cooper in 'Maestro' depicting the late Leonard Bernstein. Here are is my reaction in today's video. 

Leave your comments down below, what do you think of the transformation?