11 - Chicago Tour Announcement  

This week on the ETV Podcast with Eric the violinist, Eric takes a break from the interview rounds. He introduces a new segment called ETV News and gives away a promotion code for his upcoming chamber music project in Chicago…


10 - Music Education in Schools with Jared Bloch 

This week, I speak with fellow colleague Jared Bloch. Sharing Jared's perspective on music education is vital to continuing putting music in schools and why it's important for kids. 


8 - How to be an Alexander Technique Guru with Sara Cook 

Cellist and certified Alexander Technique expert Sara Cook joins me on the ETV Podcast. We talk about how to prevent injuries and discuss her quick tips that you can use right now to be more aware of your body while…


7 - How To Dominate Music Entrepreneurship with Taiga Kunii 

Photographer, musician, and artist. These are the things my next guest Japanese entrepreneur Taiga Kunii are. We discuss the future of musical entrepreneurship and how his gratitude helped create projects that help reach an audience worldwide. You can find Taiga…

6 - Music in Communities with Zelda Faith Jones 

This week, we talk to Zelda Faith Jones. She's a teacher, musical entrepreneur, and director of Classical Revolution Houston in Houston, TX. We have an interesting dialogue on how to create a musical community in your city or town and…


4 - Mastering Social Media with Mariya Ksondzyk 

This week's episode of the ETV Podcast features special guest Mariya Ksondzyk, and how you can master social media as a classical musician. She's on Instagram at, and you can also find her online at 


3 - Musical Motivation with violist Ruben Balboa III  

In this episode of the ETV Podcast with Eric the violinist, we get to talk to Ruben Balboa III, a violist who's a doctoral candidate in Austin, Texas. We talk about his recent performance and what keeps him motivated to…