You vs. You


As classical musicians, we live in an age where we compare ourselves to others.  

When I went to school for music, there was a competitive feeling that you couldn't escape. I was trying to prove myself to the world. Now, competition is good because there's an opportunity for you to learn and 

After living in a bubble of good players in a small community for a few years, I noticed that I couldn't focus and play as well as I wanted to. 

I didn't believe in myself. 

Musicians of all genres constantly go through this cycle. 

From, "I don't know if I can do this" to, "They're better than me" to plain old, "Nope, better to save myself from embarrassment."

You're lying to yourself if you're reading this blog post and saying, "This has never happened to me and haven't experienced this at all." Everyone will see through this. 

I've been playing the violin all my life, and I still get the nerves.

I'm probably preaching to the choir to some of you. To those of you who just came across this post, I'm here to tell you that there is no competition.

That's right, zero. 

You've been given a shot to make the most out of your music career, take advantage of it. The soloists out there probably started out where you are now, unsure of where to go in music. the moment you switch your mindset as a musician/entrepreneur, creating opportunities for you, then a lot of the pressure is off your shoulders. 

It's You vs. You. 

Block the noise...You got this. 


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