What does it mean to be a musician today?

A lot of people go into the music industry anticipating that they're going to make it big.

They have a dream, and they're willing to risk it all to pursue that dream. But in reality, people only see around five to ten percent of what a musician actually does. 

They don't see the hours of practice you do every day. 
They don't see the research you've done of the music, 
They may not understand the reason behind your performance, or your music.

So why do it?

Why go through all the trouble to put in the effort if your audience is going to see only ten percent of it?

This is the question I want to address in this post:

What does it mean to be a musician today?

This information can be applied to any genre of music. 

Musicians  have a bigger responsibility than just to compose, write, and perform music...

It's to express, share experiences and emotions to enhance the human condition.

What does this mean?

Showing expression makes us vulnerable. As a musician you put yourself out there every day to express yourself to others. You never know that you may touch someone's heart with your lyrics, play or sing a certain way, or produce a specific sound that made someone remember something personal and unique that happened to them in their life. 

We share our experiences because music is an outlet for us to make connections between others. Music is our way to heal the spirit and it's a way to a person's well being. It improves our quality of life. 

At the end of the day, music chooses you.

It's up to you how you use your musicianship to change the world. 


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