What Does It Mean To Be A Musical Entrepreneur?

What does this mean for classical musicians in 2018? We're experiencing a shift where musicians want to create and not be binded by the politics of an orchestra.  There are more talented and dedicated musicians out there than ever before. Every single musician has an equal opportunity to grab a music lover's attention.So then we beg the question in the beginning of this post, what does it mean to be a musical entrepreneur and how do you become one?

I can share some good news and say that you already have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. You have discipline, a good work ethic, and you set goals. You can use these three things to help create your opportunities. But to be an entrepreneur is not only about creating opportunities, it's also using these as a way to create a business. After all, the very definition of an entrepreneur is someone who creates a business opportunity for themselves. 

You have the tools already at your disposal, use them to your advantage to create and do more! 

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