Leadership & Teamwork in Music

Teamwork is a crucial part of your success in the music industry because you're in many settings where you'll have to collaborate with people.

Teamwork in music is like teamwork in basketball. In basketball, there are five people on the court, and usually the player that is in the Guard position usually calls the plays because he helps lead the team to score points. The four remaining players can't execute the play call if they don't listen to what's happening on the court. Even though we need leaders in both music and basketball, a leader is no one without the support of his/her teammates. Similarly to an orchestra, the conductor (like a coach) puts faith in their players. When there's leadership, it helps create an amazing culture around an organization that can lead to success. 

Individual artists working with orchestras, conductors, or chamber music societies have to be able to work in a team. If you're a soloist collaborating with an orchestra, the goal for both you and the orchestra is to lead the team towards its best outcome. Similarly, in chamber music, each instrumentalist has a responsibility to lead their team to a memorable performance . Every single voice in a quartet is equally important. Everybody is in it together and that's what makes it a team effort. The moment somebody goes on a different path and the goals are no longer aligned, that's when the team disintegrates. Even in a small setting like a duo, you can't play a duo without your partner, therefore you can't play a concerto without its orchestra, and you can't play a quartet with only three people. 

Teamwork applies to music business as well; ESPECIALLY if you're someone running a label or a recording studio. If you're working in that field, it comes down to being able to work efficiently and productively with the people around you. If you're the CEO or the person in charge, people will look up to you for leadership and and it's up to you to guide the team like a coach or a conductor. If you lead with confidence and certainty then you my friend will have an amazing experience.

We're more involved in a team than we think. It's good to remind ourselves that an effective team brings success to you and to those around you.

Leadership and teamwork leads to amazing experiences, and more opportunities. 

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