Curiosity Sparks Imagination

Spark Of Imagination

It's fascinating to me as a violinist when I look at a piece of music for the first time and try to find something (or many things) interesting things about it. When I'm curious about something, I get inspired to grow this idea!

I try to get to know a piece of music not just by practicing my violin. Some of those things include basic things like learning the score to a piece or getting interested in the history of the music. That's the stuff that excites me! You can learn a lot about what the composer was thinking about during the time of when the composition was written by asking some of these questions:

Is the music trying to say something specific?

How does the composer want me to play their piece?

Once you've answered these questions, then it's time to expand your creativity and play the piece through your voice. That's how you stand out from everyone else.

Audiences come to listen to music, sure.

But they also come to a concert to see and hear you, the performer.   

People want to hear what you have to say and they'll be coming back for more. Give them the opportunity to transcend into a different world if they have never experienced your music before. Let your audience be curious. Show them that playing the violin, or any instrument for that matter, gives them the opportunity to dream with their eyes and ears. 

Audiences want to be inspired

Why not you be the first one to give them that gift?

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