3 Things I Want In The Apple Classical Music App

3 Things I Want in the Apple Classical App

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With the recent acquisition of Primephonic back in the Fall of 2021, we are starting to see glimpses of Apple making moves towards the release of its very own dedicated classical music streaming app. 

This comes as no surprise as MacRumors.com found the coding in the recent iOS 15 update. I anticipate this classical music streaming app to be released in Fall 2022 right before holiday season, and right around the same time Apple could announce new headphones and earphones. 

Hypothetically, let's imagine that there is a clean slate for Apple to redesign the UI and service for their classical app. If I were in the room with the thought leaders and engineers, here is what I would want as a classical music lover in the app. 

High Quality Loss 16 bit 44.1 kHz Audio 

Apple has always thrived as a hardware company. With the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max currently on the market, these headphones offer what no other headphones can do well, spatial audio. 

Spatial Audio helps give the depth of classical music that it was lacking for such a long time. If you add the 44.1 kHz audio with this, instrumental music will sound lively and in the same room. 

Easy Composer Search & Metadata 

This, to me, is the primary reason Apple acquired Primephonic in the first place. Instead of building something from scratch, Apple bought Primephonic because they see a potential in this market and the only way to get ahead is to use the user interface that Primephonic already established. T

Classical Music Livestream Concerts 

This will be very interesting to see if Apple decides to incorporate this feature. Its now rival, Idagio, does this very well. There are different tiers of pricing and subscription offerings that gives the listener or viewer an opportunity to watch concerts. While Idagio is based in Europe and focuses a lot on European orchestras, it would be nice to see Apple Classical have livestream concerts of US orchestras.


Eric Mrugala

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